About us

Decantlandia is a convenient online store that offers the opportunity to purchase hand-decanted perfume samples of niche and designer brands. Many of them are limited editions or have already been discontinued. Others are difficult to find in nearby stores to test before making that expensive purchase.

Purchase a small sample of 1, 2, 3, 5 o 10 ml from us, test the scent without haste in different weather conditions and different moods. Did you like the scent? Congratulations! Now you can go and make an informed purchase of a full bottle which can cost 200, 300 or more euros. If not, it’s okay, you’ve only lost a few euros, but gained a new olfactory experience. Maybe you need a small perfume sample for a collection, comparison, particular occasion or special day. So, we’re here to help!

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries via the Contact Us form.

All perfumes come from a private collection. All fragrances are 100% authentic. Some perfumes are extremely rare, are available in a single copy, and it will not be easy to find and buy them again. Please, if you need a batch code, a photo of the packaging or more photos of the bottle before purchasing the decant, contact us.

We do not sell full bottles of perfumes. We buy perfumes from brands or official retailers and hand decant them into small 2-3-5-10 ml spray bottles.

For example, this is the original bottle that we have in our store and the decant that will be sent to the buyer:


(Disclaimer) All our decants are hand decanted from the original licensed design/niche house fragrance, without infringing intellectual property. Our decants are not a licenced design brand product. The customer after purchase a perfume decant/sample will receive the original fragrance decanted into a glass vial, which is filled from an authentic perfume bottle. Decantlandia is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the brands featured in the stock. We will never, under any circumstances, use, replicate or duplicate in any way a brand’s logo or trademark on our samples/decants. All official information, banners, logos, product descriptions, notes associated with any brand, or any fragrance remain the property of that brand. We use only the original fragrance itself from the original manufacturer without any infringement of intellectual property.