Champaca Edizione Millesimata Trussardi

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Explore Trussardi Champaca Edizione Millesimata, a unisex fragrance blending lemon blossom, Red Champaca, and vanilla. A scent capturing the joy of childhood.


Champaca Edizione Millesimata Trussardi

Introducing Champaca Edizione Millesimata by Trussardi, a captivating unisex fragrance that launched in 2024. Created by the renowned perfumer Cecile Matton, this scent is a celebration of youthful first experiences and the eternal joy of childhood memories, especially those of indulging in sweet treats on lazy Sunday mornings in Milanese pastry shops.

Exquisite Aromas:

  • Top Notes: Begin your olfactory experience with the luminous and fresh floral notes of lemon blossom, magnolia, and freesia, creating a bright and inviting opening.
  • Heart Notes: Venture into the heart where the fragrance unfolds its core with the gourmand delights of toasted hazelnut and caramel brittle, enriched by the rare and sensuous Himalayan flower, Red Champaca. This flower, symbolizing happiness, is enhanced using the innovative E-Pure Jungle Essence™ extraction technique.
  • Base Notes: The journey concludes with warm, rich base notes of Madagascar vanilla, paired with powdery heliotrope and the musky, chypre-like notes of Orcanox™, ensuring a deep and lasting impression.

Inspiration and Craftsmanship: Champaca Edizione Millesimata is not just a fragrance but a tribute to the essence of happiness and the purity of first-time experiences. Cecile Matton has captured this essence using sophisticated extraction methods that preserve the natural qualities of each scent component, particularly the Champaca flower, which is typically available only in its absolute form.

Perfect For: This fragrance is ideal for those who cherish rich, expressive scents that transport them back to moments of joy and discovery. Suitable for wear in any setting, Champaca Edizione Millesimata promises to evoke memories and create new ones, whether you’re at a casual gathering or a formal event.

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