Hayati Attar Collection

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Experience the captivating Khaltat Night Attar Collection, a floral fruity fragrance that evokes mystery and seduction.


Khaltat Night Attar Collection

Discover the enchanting Khaltat Night Attar Collection, a unisex Eau de Parfum released in 2018. This fragrance is a captivating blend of floral and fruity notes that create a truly mesmerizing olfactory experience.

Crafted by perfumer Yann Vasnier, the Khaltat Night Attar Collection opens with a luscious combination of raspberry, berry fruits, and pineapple. These vibrant top notes bring a burst of juicy sweetness, setting the stage for the aromatic journey to come.

At the heart of this fragrance, a creamy and indulgent accord unfolds. Whipped cream, honey, black currant, plum, and floral notes intertwine, creating a rich and seductive composition. The combination of these middle notes adds depth, complexity, and a touch of sensuality to the fragrance.

In the base, notes of ice cream, vanilla, and white musk provide a smooth and comforting foundation. The creamy ice cream and vanilla notes add a hint of sweetness, while the white musk brings a subtle warmth and sensuousness to the overall composition.

The Khaltat Night Attar Collection is a fragrance that captures the essence of nighttime allure. Its floral fruity composition, with its captivating blend of sweet and creamy notes, evokes a sense of mystery and seduction. Experience the enchantment of this exquisite fragrance.

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Attar Collection


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