Oud Khol Guerlain

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Indulge in Oud Khôl by Guerlain – a captivating fragrance blending dark oud, leather, and caramelized praline. Unleash desire with each enticing note.


Oud Khol Guerlain

Introducing Oud Khôl by Guerlain, a captivating fragrance for both women and men that transcends time. Launched in 2022 and crafted by the renowned Thierry Wasser, this olfactory masterpiece celebrates the allure of the color black.

Just as a kohl pencil enhances the eyes, Oud Khôl reveals the mesmerizing facets of dark oud. Thierry Wasser’s artistry achieves an absolute black hue, intensified by aldehyde enhancers. The fragrance unfolds with a leathery, charcoal-tinged accord, deepening the woody resin. A touch of moss, with glints of carbon, and an unexpected note of caramelized praline contribute to the rich and hypnotic palette. Oud Khôl is a temptation that beckons desire.


  • Agarwood (Oud)
  • Leather
  • Aldehydes
  • Praline
  • Moss

Immerse yourself in the seduction of Oud Khôl – an aromatic journey into the heart of darkness. Order now to experience the essence of pure black allure.

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2 reviews for Oud Khol Guerlain

  1. Anonymous

    A solid four stars. The fragrance was lovely, but not an instant favorite. Still, the quality is evident. Will explore more options in the future.

  2. Anonymous

    Surprisingly captivated by this fragrance. Even though the notes aren’t usually my preference, I found myself instantly enamored. A delightful and unexpected favorite.

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