Rose Cherie Guerlain

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Discover Rose Chérie by Guerlain, a delightful fragrance that captures the essence of romance and femininity with its captivating notes of rose, violet, and musk.


Rose Chérie Guerlain

Transport yourself to the romantic streets of Paris with Rose Chérie, an enchanting Eau de Parfum released in 2021 by Guerlain. Created by the talented perfumer Delphine Jelk, this fragrance is a delightful celebration of femininity, capturing the essence of a blissful kiss and the enchantment of Montmartre.

Rose Chérie opens with the captivating and intoxicating aroma of Bulgarian rose. The velvety petals of the rose intertwine with the delicate and romantic essence of rose, creating a floral symphony that is both elegant and alluring. The sweet and powdery notes of violet add a touch of whimsy, while the comforting scent of heliotrope envelops you in a warm embrace.

As the fragrance develops, the base notes reveal a subtle sensuality. The soft and musky tones of musk intertwine with the warm and comforting aroma of tonka bean, creating a captivating and long-lasting trail that lingers on the skin. Rose Chérie is a fragrance that embodies the chic and elegance of Paris, capturing the joie de vivre and the beauty of life through a pink-tinted lens.

Indulge in the delightful allure of Rose Chérie by Guerlain, a fragrance that evokes the romance and charm of Paris, and celebrates the beauty and femininity within.

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2 reviews for Rose Cherie Guerlain

  1. Karin

    Absolutely beautiful !

  2. Anonymous

    L’un des meilleurs parfums poudrés avec amande et violette

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