Velours Gourmand Slava Zaitsev

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Indulge in the irresistible delights of Velours Gourmand by Slava Zaitsev, an exquisite amber vanilla fragrance for both men and women.


Velours Gourmand Slava Zaitsev

Experience the luxurious and captivating allure of Velours Gourmand by Slava Zaitsev. Launched in 2021, this exquisite unisex Eau de Parfum is an amber vanilla fragrance that embodies indulgence and sensuality. Created by perfumer Robertet, Velours Gourmand is a scent that delights the senses.

The fragrance opens with a delectable combination of hazelnut, almond, and blood orange. These top notes create a mouthwatering and inviting introduction, setting the stage for the gourmand journey ahead.

At the heart of this creation lies the rich and decadent notes of cacao and chocolate. The velvety smoothness of cacao and the indulgent sweetness of chocolate add a layer of luxury and opulence to the fragrance.

In the base, patchouli, vetiver, and brown sugar create a warm and comforting foundation. These notes add depth, richness, and a touch of sweetness, leaving a lingering trail that evokes warmth and desire.

Velours Gourmand is a fragrance that celebrates the pleasures of indulgence and sophistication. Its amber vanilla composition creates a sumptuous and unforgettable olfactory experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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Slava Zaitsev


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